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The purpose of mastering is to optimize your music production and prepare it for CD/DVD/LP pressing or digital distribution. Respecting the current standard, we strive for your music to sound perfect - anywhere...

Obviously, there's more to it than just making it 'as loud as possible'
. So what does it mean? Please check for more information at: mastering.

Online-Mastering / e-Mastering
Wherever you are, whenever you choose, you may send us your mixes over the internet and download them mastered a.s.a.p.
Ideal for single tracks. Convenient, fast and secure ! Please contact for more information.

Sound Restoration

Does your recording contain clicks, distortion or noise? We proudly offer the worlds' best system to adress those disturbing sounds. This means, your re-mastering job is in good hands too.
Using firstclass playback equipment and our extended experience in sound restoration, we help you to get the most out of your tapes and vinyl records!

Audio for video

Our services apply to optimizing sound for video as well; Mastering music tracks or post producing featurettes (interviews etc.) giving your dvd extra value. It's good to keep in mind that we have a broad knowledge of video editing and DVD authoring.


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FineTune Mastering is founded October 2003 by Peter van 't Riet.
Formerly, Peter worked as a full-time mastering engineer at Digipro and SoundFactory since 1990.